Company history

The history of Griltex began in 1962 in France. Griltex products have been present on the Polish market since 1996. Griltex Polska on the market concentrates on manufacturing, distribution and sales of high quality plastic construction materials – mainly geosynthetics, roof screens, wall barrier screens and foundation foil sheets. We also make sealing/stripping and insulations of engineering structures using geosynthetics

The activities of our company are concentrated on three areas. They are:

  • 11. Manufacturing and distribution of insulation foil sheets (the offer includes mainly pressed HDPE damp proof foil sheets and insulation foil sheets – polyethylene and polypropylene).
  • 22. Packaging, manufacturing and distribution of geosynthetics used mainly in engineering structures, road construction and hydraulic engineering (the offer includes barrier and filtration geotextiles and stabilization geotextiles: TYPAR, PLANTEX, NAPTEX, geoNETEX, agrotextiles for mulching and PLANTEX anti-root screens, drainage geocomposites, drainage geocomposites GXP-DREN and B1000 & B2000, geomembranes and geogrids, geocrates and anti-erosion mats for slopes.
  • 33. Seals and insulations of various engineering structures (the offer includes welding of PVC and HDPE foils with any dimensions). These include evaporation/storage reservoirs, fire fighting tanks, sewage treatment plants, landfills, fuel bases and petrol stations, industrial waste landfills, water barriers, levees, waterholes. The personnel of sealing department of GRILTEX POLSKA Sp. z o.o. have been trained on construction sites in France which helped the quickly and efficiently transfer their experience to the Polish market. This is assured by 10-year warranty for the completed projects.

Griltex Polska Sp. z o.o. is also an authorized distributor of: Geotextiles TYPAR and Plantex as well as Tyvek barrier screens made by Du Pont (Luxembourg). We also distribute materials by many other manufacturers of films and geosynthetics.

With the course of time we have expanded both the size of sales and the value by multiple times. We export to: Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia and Slovakia.

Every year we participate in specialist construction fairs BUDMA, POLEKO and AUTOSTRADA – POLSKA..
Consulting, distribution and services by Griltex Polska are controlled by a documented quality management system conforming to ISO 9001:2000. Certificate Bureau Veritas Quality International no. 8000273.

Cooperation with GRILTEX POLSKA Sp. z o.o., an experienced and flexible company guarantees our clients (both sales companies, contractors and individual customers), high quality of service and efficient completion of orders and tasks.

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DU PONT and TYPAR authorized distributor



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