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Improvement and stabilization of the Pilica river bed with the use of specialized geotubes of very high strength.

GRILTEX together with Przedsiębiorstwo Inżynieryjne Inmel Sp. z o.o supports the Polish Water Holding by participating in the project: Improvement and stabilization of the Pilica river bed.

For the purpose of this task, we provided specialized geotubes made of very high-strength material, permeable and UV-resistant, with lengths of 20 and 25m after filling.

The riverbed of the Pilica river was desilted and cleared by INMEL, and the geotubes were filled with river silt, thus creating dikes preventing the shores of the silting fields from being washed out.

It is a very good solution that allows to reduce the costs of this type of projects by using natural sediments also for the construction of flood embankments.

We are glad that Griltex had the opportunity to cooperate and participate in this interesting and unique project.

At the same time, we fully recommend INMEL as a proven general contractor of this type of projects.



46th International seminar on transport infrastructure and traffic safety INTERNATIONAL ROAD CONFERENCE „CESTE”, in Croatian Rovinj is behind us.

During the conference, Griltex had the opportunity to present a lecture on the use of geocomposites in road infrastructure.


Security at Griltex

Griltex puts the safety of its employees first, therefore „I will help because I can” conducted a first aid training for the personnel. Thanks to this, employees know how to save each other, in addition, AED equipment was purchased, which in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest increases the chances of survival by up to 75%.


DuPont ™ Typar® geotextile in the garden of the Lubrański Academy Foundation

The Lubrański Academy Foundation creates a new garden space, in which, in addition to many plant species, a municipal educational apiary has been created. The DuPont ™ Typar® geotextile used in the construction of the garden meets the highest requirements, providing excellent filtration properties and high tensile strength, and therefore also tearing.


Final verification of the new ERP system

Our mission for the last 25 years has been continuous development, therefore, by strengthening these activities, we are introducing a new enterprise management system.

Today, the final verification of all components took place so that the smallest detail did not escape and the customers were even more satisfied with the service.