arrow Characteristics:

    Biotextile – a cotton mat with grass seeds sewn-in. Used for reinforcement, sodding and introducing greens to slopes, banks, roadsides of roadways and highways as well as to deploy high-quality carpet lawns with mixed garden grass varieties.

    The biotextile is widely used in recultivation and land improvement, to reinforce and sod levees, as well as to set up greens in parks and squares.

    The material is used in:

  • shoulders of roads and motorways,
  • Levees,
  • drainage ditches,
  • house gardens and lawns,
  • water bodies,
  • slag heaps,
  • waste and ash dumps,
  • bridges, viaducts and railroads.

arrow Advantages:

  • The combination of advantages of the sodding and seeding technologies used to date allow fast and permanent reinforcement of surfaces irrespective of environmental conditions.
  • Much more effective than traditional seeding.
  • Minimizes cutting out of the sod and thus prevents destruction of green areas.
  • Facilitates transport, work organisation and work itself thus lowering the performance costs for slope reinforcement.
  • Allows the use of grass seeds selected by the user to adopt them to the diversified habitat conditions present in the installation area.
  • Protects surfaces being stabilised against erosion even during extreme precipitation.
  • Completely eliminates ‘dusting’ of industrial waste dumps.

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