GXP Dren 8+8


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arrow Reasons why you should use GXP DREN 8+8:

  1. Double-sided drainage of the system
  2. It combines surface drainage, vertical drainage and a linear drainage system
  3. Ideal for vertical water collection from road and highway bodies
  4. It allows drainage of large amounts of water without the need to build wider ditches

arrow Application:

The GXP DREN 8 + 8 membrane is a GXP Dren membrane both sides connected to a Typear polypropylene filament, thermally welded. It gives the same properties on both sides of the mat and allows effective longitudinal drainage using pipes of different diameters.

The mat is provided in the lower part with a special geotextile sleeve used to locate and secure the drainage pipe.

arrow Technical specifications:

The weight of the geocomposite is1400 g/m2
Compressive strength300 kN/m2
Stamping height2 x 8 mm
Thickness of HDPE membrane600 μm
The surface mass of HDPE membrane2 x 600 g/m2
Surface weight of PP nonwoven fabric2 x 100 g/m2
Drainage capacity1,20 l/s/m
72 l/min./m
4320 l/h/m
The membrane’s width is50 cm
66 cm
100 cm
200 cm
Temperature resistance-40 °C do + 80 °C

Sleeve for the installation of a drainage pipe with circuits suited to pipe diameters of 50 – 200 mm

arrow Mounting method:

The mounting rods are only used to hold the mat during assembly, remove them after backfilling the excavation.

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